My ON1 Plus Membership was Cancelled

If you have purchased ON1 Plus or ON1 Plus Pro using PayPal, onOne Software will be listed in the Automatic Payments section of your PayPal account.


Important Note:

If you cancel your automatic payment through PayPal, this will cancel your ON1 Plus membership immediately. We do not recommend cancelling your membership through PayPal.




If you wish to cancel your ON1 Plus membership, you will be able to do so from your ON1 Plus Memberships page. If you cancel through your Memberships page, you will retain access and membership privileges through the duration of your membership period. At the end of your membership cycle, you will not be billed, and access will be revoked at that time. You may renew your membership at any time through your user account. Any software licenses and apps acquired during your membership will remain valid.


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If you have accidentally cancelled your ON1 Plus membership, contact us and we can help.


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