Printing in ON1 Photo RAW 2019

ON1 Photo RAW 2019 has full printing capabilities built directly into the product, and you can print your photos from any module, using the Print command from the File menu.

To print an image, follow these steps:


1. Select Print from the File menu.


2. Select or add your printer from the Printer pop-up.


3. Press the Print Setup button to adjust printer-specific options such as paper size and type and printer-specific color management options.



4. Press Show Details to adjust the number of copies, orientation and output resolution.



5. In the Print Area section set the area to fit, fill or actual size. The preview on the left shows the paper size and margins as well as the print area and how the image will fit or fill the print area. (When using Fill Entire Area, you can move the photo around the print area box.)

6. Select the output Printer Profile and Rendering Intent to properly adjust the photos' colors to your printer and paper combination. You can select the Printer Managed Color option to let your printer driver manage the color instead. You can also import a custom color profile.



TIP: If you have already cropped and sized your image to your desired print area size, simply set the width and height to match in the Print Area section.


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