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Super Select



  • Rick Sammartino Community moderator

    We just heard today that the old AI will be back in an update next week.

  • Brian Lawson Community moderator

    And there are improvements to the SSAI masking.

  • Nicolas de Vooght

    Simply I believe Super Select was launched before they had a reliable system!

    My impression of SS is a waste of time.  For any reasonable photographic work, the masks are just too haphazard and fuzzy.  This will not meet any serious photographic standards.

    Like others have mentioned I am relying on the traditional Mask brush (B) with the Perfect brush enabled.

    The rest does not work .......

  • Gerard Hayes

    I agree with Nicolas - the same issue has arisen for me. This is after the latest update by the way! Really frustrating!

  • Ken

    I'm not going disagree with the notion that SS was released before it was as reliable as it should be, or that On1 marketing oversold it's capabilities.

    But I certainly don't find SS a waste of time.  I certainly  have photos - more of them than I'd like - where it is a waste of time, and the other masking tools work better.  But I find it very useful with a lot of my photos.  Sometimes it just works, but more often it requires some additional work with the mask refinement tools.  But even then, I can usually get to the mask I need faster than I could in the past.  With the latest release, I almost always start out with SS and just mouse over the various regions.  I can quickly get a sense (even though the previews aren't the final mask) when it will struggle too much and when it will give me a decent mask without too much additional work.  So it works OK for me.  I probably don't have truly serious photographic standards, so it may be that an imperfect mask still gets me get to the photo, and that might not be good enough for others.

    Like many things in On1, I absolutely love the concept and design of SS.  Unfortunately the execution lags, but hopefully it will continue to improve.


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