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ON1 2023 Hype



  • Ray Miles


    And have you looked at the forums for Topaz Photo AI and DxO Phot Lab, both of whom have new releases? Let alone Luminar since the release of Neo? They are all full of complaints about the new updates being released too soon etc etc. It seems to be par for the course with all these companies. Adobe is a huge corporation, one of the richest in the world I believe. These are all small companies, one of them based in a war zone. Don't expect miracles.

    I agree that v2023 has many flaws and the new features are very disappointing so far. Hopefully, they are all being addressed. Meanwhile, I can do most of my editing tasks in PR, with the occasional resort to Luminar Neo and Topaz products, when the going gets tough.

  • Gordon Cato

    I have been comparing ON1 2023 and Lightroom (Which also came out with new masking features) and I am finding out that they both have issues with the new features. Sometimes Lightroom will mask a certain photo better and sometimes ON1 will mask better. It's just going to take some time to work out the bugs.

  • Steven Green

    I am not a power user or subscribe to Adobe anything they offer.  I'm an occasional user of On1, but find I can do everything I need to do within this one app.  On1 set of features may be less than advertised, but its cost is far less than Adobe Photoshop and all of its supplemental add-ons. I don't know about any of the other applications you folks are referring too because I've not heard of them before.

  • Lou Gross


    If you have been an On1 users so long you should know, by now, that this is the normal release mode experience.  Last year was an exception - it was not as bad as other years but still not great.

    There is a very easy and practical solution.  WAIT!!  In a month or 5 there will be updates that will fix most of the issues!!  Or at least that is how it has been in the past.  PLUS, if you wait you can find a lower price (during sales) than is available now.  That is a win-win!  

    Of course, if you just cannot wait for the new features (which seems hard to believe since many do not work well for you) then go ahead and get the newest version as soon as it is released.  However you got by without all the new features for all this time, is it really that hard to wait a few months?


  • John McAtee

    Having had serious issues with several other raw converters/editors of late (e.g., DXO 6), I jumped right into PR 2023 as a first time user and found it better than many, if not most, new, major releases.  Oh, I've minor wants and gripes (e.g., the perspective tools) but have yet to encounter any major problems and it has been able to process everything I've thrown at it so far with no glitches.  Having used a lot of stuff over the years, I am impressed with what ON1 has done with this first release of a new upgrade.  I still have PS/LR/CR but have tossed most of the Topaz apps as well as the (very problematic) DXO PL6. Of course, I reserve the right to change my mind if a major hurdle is encountered but so far, no problems.


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