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Photo RAW 2023 ( working for Takc Sharp AI and Nonoise AI and NVIDIA drivers 522.30



  • David Kick

    I use a Nvidia 3060Ti and didn't have the issues that those with 20 series cards, while Tack Sharp and Nonoise AI have worked for me they produce terrible/unusable results for me. The newest release shows no improvement. Yes I know I can pull the sliders down but I have to pull the sliders almost all the way down to get rid of the "crunchiness" but end up with no sharpening then.


  • Brian Lawson Community moderator

    You have to find the right balance and it is tricky without live feedback. I find something in the 20s range seems to work well. The Micro Sharpening does have live feedback and it should be set to 0 before using the Tack Sharp AI Deblur slider.

    The same goes for NoNoise. To get the best results you have to set the sliders yourself for each photo. I start at the bottom and reset them all by clicking the left side of the slider bar; the thumb will jump to where you click.


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