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Error 1016 still there:-(



  • Volker Gottwald

    I also still have this problem and reported it to support. They can't reproduce it, because when you simply copy the respective file to a different folder it works like it should.

    Have you tried to export from Edit (without changing any edits)?

    This worked on my system. However it's still a bug!







  • Gerry Whitmarsh

    Been there, done that. Tried everything - moving within ON1, moving with explorer, delete and restore, modifying dates for the sidecars. Nothing works. Reported 4 months ago. Last reply from ON1 was they were investigating. Since then nothing.

    Edit: Export from edit does apply the edits. I did add this to the ticket  where export from browse crashed (error 2016) but export from develop worked..... still waiting.



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