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How to add names to keywords



  • Wesley Walden

    I purchased the upgrade because I was led to believe facial recognition and name insertion (into photo metadata) was included in On1 PhotoRaw 2023.  I have several other tools which do this feature and was going to buy ACDSee to see how they performed.  On1 AI Keyword tool seems alright, but instead of showing the photo has a human, human arm, human nose, and other random crap - all I care about is names.  So, yeah, it isn't very reassuring - at this time.

    I have photos dating back over 23 years and need to identify and tag 216356 photos as quickly and efficiently as possible.

    On1 - no matter what version I have ever purchased, it chokes on my photo library in browse mode and crashes out after I let it chew on making caches.  I have sorted each year into their own folders and that has helped stop the crashing issue.  However, the ON1 browser still feels very clunky, slow, and practically useless for my use case.

    ACDSee has been bulking up their software with tons of added features, too.  It may be too memory intensive to run AI facial recognition on my size library.

    There is another small AI tagging software company that did successfully index all my files and used only facial recognition (it didn't identify objects, shirts, and arms.) LOL

    It's called tag that photo...It did its job pretty well and was focused on Faces, only.  It doesn't have a lot of features though.

    Ideally we could go back to the day when we click on a photo, BAM, it showed up, because the system wasn't loading 800 meg to show you a 1 meg photo.  If we could get back to those days and incorporate AI, we could get things moving along!  But with the way things are going with resource hogs, I hardly ever want to load my photo software because it's all so slow, a drag to master, and mostly all of them are bloated toolsets.


  • Gilles Subias

    I guess you are talking about ACDsee for Windows, because even the last update (november 2022) for Mac is very poor in features (missing: layers, repair, select etc). I have the 2021-22 and I won't upgrade it, I use it only for get all the geotagged photos on a single map. In ON1 PR, I never use facial recognition, any need for me, but the problem is ON1 PR in portrait module searches faces, we can't select in preferences panel facial recognition on/off.

    As I key-worded most of my family photos with persons names, I don't have to search faces, just names in keywords, the job is done ! But this is my personal workflow. When ON1 PR searches for faces, the computer runs for nothing and probably slow the machine (?) 


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