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Still major issues with patched 2023



  • Rick Sammartino Community moderator

    If I were having that many problems, I would wipe everything and start again with a clean install. Something is wrong somewhere and it's not necessarily with Photo Raw.

    You say still major problems with the new version, but I'm running Win 11 as well with none of those problems. 

  • Robert Macdonald

    I tried what you suggested. Removed ON1 2023 (complete uninstall including all leftover files and directory), reinstalled joy. Still cannot see the effects of any edits. Still cannot zoom and unzoom. Thanks anyway. I have sent my info to ON1 Tech support and will wait to see what they say.


  • Vladislav Jurco

    Same happened here yesterday - I made finally clean installation and manually deleted PerfectBrowserCache. Have to recreate it (soo long) but now it works.

    Just an idea, not sure if this was the source of a problem


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