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Sharing Photo library between On1 Photo Raw and Lightroom / Photoshop ?



  • Rick Sammartino Community moderator

    While Photo Raw does not officially work as a plugin for Lightroom, there are workarounds to let you send your photo from Lightroom to Photo Raw and back.

    This video is the 2nd workaround that Anthony found...

  • Edward Moroney

    (resubmitting - not sure if comment went previously)

    Hi Rick  and thanks for your response. I had seen this earlier. It is not really what I was looking for.

    Ideally I would use either ON1 OR Lightroom / Photoshop to process a complete shoot. I would use either ON1 OR Lightroom / Photoshop in "native" mode  i.e without transferring images between the two editing systems.

    My issue is what implications that would have for the image library - keeping it compatible and in sync with both editing systems.

    Am I being unrealistic in being able to operate two editing systems independently with one library?


  • Richard

    The answer to your question is in the first sentence of your post - LR and PR differ in the way they manage the library. While you could import your current library folder(s) into LR and catalogue the same folder(s) in PR, as soon as you start making changes within the library in one app (or using Finder or the Windows equivalent) you risk disconnecting the image from the database and/or it’s sidecars in the other. Furthermore, you will not be able to view the results of your nondestructive edits in “the other app” unless you export them. There are likely other issues that will arise as well. Your best bet is to decide on one app to manage your library and send your images to the other app on as needed/as wanted basis. But that’s just my opinion. For what it’s worth, I did try something similar for a very short time when doing a trial of Capture One, which uses an imported library similar to LR. It was like herding cats …..

  • Edward Moroney

    Hi Richard. Thank you for your response.
    You've confirmed my concerns about trying to operate two independent editing systems with one shared library.
    Pity. Back to the drawing board.
    Thank you again



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