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  • Chris Taylor

    The following is a better link to look for NVIDIA drivers. It lets you search for drivers for any NVIDIA  card and both "game-ready" and "studio" drivers at once.


  • David Kick

    Personally I do not beleive the AI Supper Select is an Nvidia issue. Everyone jumped on the driver issue when On1 indicated the black screen thing was due to the Nvidia driver.  To prove the Super Select AI poor performance was not a Nvidia driver issue. I pulled my 3060Ti from my desktop system and connected my monitor to the motherboard thus using the integrated GPU on my Intel I5-11600K CPU. The performance of Super Select AI was exactly the same.  I submitted some sample images and associated sidecars and some On1 log Files to On1 Support. The last update I had from them was:

    We’ve logged a bug for the issue you’ve reported. 
    I have linked your support ticket to our open bug ticket.

    So it looks like they are working on it but a fix was not in the latest update.


  • David Neuhauser

    for me with this new Nvidia driver mask ai is now working :)

    rtx 2070 super

  • David Kick

    I reached out to support after my last post and asked if the problems I reported with AI Super Select were fixed in the latest update. The response was:

    This is still an open bug being worked on.
    Thanks for your patience.

    So I'll phrase it this way. Not all issues with AI Super Select are Nvidia driver related.

  • Wolfgang Baer

    First release of 2023 - Noise and Sharp not working

    Second release (first bugfix version) - Noise and Sharp are working

    But I have not changed the video driver.

    Conclusion: Even Noise and Sharp issues are not driver issues but ON1 issues.

  • David Kick

    Wolfgang, to be fair your comment is not entirely correct. Along with many other fixes, On1 did include one fix in the update that corrected an issue that was caused by Nvidia drivers from the change log:

    • Fixed an issue with black results in NoNoise AI with some NVIDIA video card and driver version combinations.

    So I would expect that if you had the black screen issue in NoNoise AI with an Nvidia card and it went away without a driver change it was due to this fix that On1 implemented. The problem is everyone jumped on the driver issue for a whole raft of issues and it simply isn't the case.

  • David Tillett
    Great answers

    Wolfgang. Conversely some Windows users found that by reverting to an earlier version of NVIDA drivers without changes to original release of 2023 the black screen problem went away.

    It seems quite possible that in the recent upgrade On1 found a way to code around the problem that looks as though it was introduced in recent NVIDA drivers, either as bug or a change to way driver worked. 

    Bottom line is that latest 2023 upgrade has allowed NVIDA users to use NoNoise/TackSharp.

  • David Hyre

    There's definitely a driver component to the Mask AI trouble, I found that reverting to the earlier driver (512.15) mostly solved the issue I was having with 522 drivers; if curious see thread with examples: 

        Weird AI masking result - borders – ON1 Support (

    Has anyone had trouble with those new 526 drivers, or all are successes? 


  • Ken

    I had seen the 'Weird AI masking result' with various versions of the drivers, so had been staying on the 512.15 version.  With the 526.47 drivers I don't see the AI Masking issue anymore.  I mean AI Masking still needs a lot of work, but the issue described above that made it essentially unusable, is gone.

  • David Hyre

    Yup, 526.47 game drivers fixed it to the level that 512 was working at least.


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