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Nvidia GTS 450



  • Stephen Munyan

    Not sure.  I had an EVGA 1060 that didn't work.  I upgraded to an EVGA 2060 SU based on comments from users in the support forum.  On1 2023 isn't making use of the GPU.  I'm working with tech support to resolve. 

    I was advised to do a clean install of the NVIDIA drivers, reset On1's settings to default, and verify that both Windows and NVIDIA settings were correct.  I got black screens with the drivers available at the time.  A few days ago On1 support advised me to upgrade to the newest version of On1 (helped some), and wait for an update of NVIDIA drivers that would be available in a few days.

    The most recent NVIDIA driver (526.47-desktop-win10-win11-64bit-international-dch-whql) finally corrected the black window in Edit problem in On1.  I don't see any GPU activity in Task Manager or Process Explorer when editing pictures.  

    I also see long delays when entering/exiting Edit, and when switching between effects.  I have a 16 core i7 with 32 GB of memory.  On1 doesn't even come close to maxing out my processor.  I'm not sure what's causing the very slow performance.

    I will reach out to On1 support again on Monday.


  • David Kick

    Stephen, a 2060 Super should be more than enough to handle On1. Another factor that can slow down performance is your drive configuration. I have a desktop with multiple internal drives so I have the OS on one drive, photos stored on a second drive and the Browse and scratch folders on a third small drive. The key one is to have the Browse and Scratch folders on their own physical drive separate from the photo storage drive if at all possible. This minimizes read and write bottlenecks that can happen which slows the process down.


    David, I would think any newer card with at least 4GB Vram might be okay. I would suggest, if you can afford it, get one with 6GB Vram to ensure your card is not the bottleneck and future proof yourself a bit. Do be careful though regarding power the requirements of the card. Make sure you have a spare cable from your power supply that matches the power requirements of the card. Some need 6 pin and some need 8 pin or, in the case of new really high powered cards, more. Fortunately card prices are dropping a bit. 

  • Stephen Munyan


    Thanks for taking the time to reply.   I have three Samsung SSD 850 Pros with the directories scattered across all three drives so I/O bandwidth should not be an issue.

    The EVGA GeForce RTX 2060 SC Gaming has 6GB of GDDR6.


  • David Bleazard

    I think I'm going to hang on before making any changes to my PC or spending money on a card that still may not work with On1 2023.

    I feel more answers are to come from all those trying to sort this out.

    Thanks for all the comments so far.


  • Michael Lucero

    I replaced an Asus GTX 970 card with a RTX 2060 Super card at the end of 2021. The card had no speed difference that I noticed with the then PR 2021, and zoom, pan, brush has remained slow for me with the newer/latest version in that respect.

    multiple brush strokes ( for refining the mask, for example) seems to really be a culprit. If I do continue to use On1 PR I think I will have to "plan" more carefully how I create and refine masks (especially when zoomed in). It seems weird that I will have to change the way I work / workflow to help PR to speed up. Another option I was told to try was to turn off some of the filter layers first...


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