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2023 Not picking up mapped drives from NAS



  • Rick Sammartino Community moderator

    Are those drives available in Windows explorer when they are grey in On1? From what I can see, if the drive is available in Windows, it will be available in Photo Raw. 

    This article mentions NAS about half way down. It doesn't say that you need to do anything special to access them. If you think your problem might be a bug, you can contact On1 support about it.

  • Nathan Vear

    Hello. Thank you for the response.

    They are yes. The drives are available and accessible from windows explorer from start-up.

    In On1, doing File -> Browse Folder shows the mapped drives to be not accessible until I manually click on it. Then the little green tick appears. Wait a minute or so and the mapped drives in the catalogue and file structure become available.

    I've tried to report it as a bug but I've not had any feedback for a couple of weeks now.

  • Peter Smith

    Mapped drives won't be available if you run PhotoRAW as Administrator.

  • Nathan Vear

    Hello, thanks for contributing.

    That's helpful thank you, I didn't appreciate that. However, unlike on1 2022 it seems, on1 will only run as administrator.

    I emailed tech support and they came back to me that on1 23 needs to be run as administrator.

    I reinstalled 23 this morning as a fresh installation and there's no change.


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