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Big time confused



  • Lou Gross

    Please clarify your question!  The answers explained where the DOWNLOADED plugin file goes.  They did NOT address where the installed plugin files go.  If you want to know the latter, please adjust your question to make that clear.


  • Brian Lawson Community moderator

    The installers for the various plug-in packages will install the actual plug-in files in the appropriate folders for those applications you have installed that ON1 supports. If you have Photoshop or Lightroom for example, the plug-ins are where those programs expect them to be. I don't use either of them so I can't tell you where that is but the Adobe website can.

  • Richard

    Bill, it is not clear from your questions if you actually have the applications you need for the plug-ins to be useful. You ask if you have Lightroom Classic and if so where is it. You are the only one who can answer that, we don’t know what apps you have. The plug-ins will only be useful to you if you have one or more of the apps such as Lightroom or Photoshop (or a few others). If you think you may have purchased the plug-ins by mistake, you should contact customer service. 

  • Caroline Picking

    While I agree that the OP wasn't clear (and recognise English might not be their first language), I have a suspicion that he meant to ask "Do I have *to have* Lightroom". Because if you don't, the world of plugins is a world of pain (especially on the Mac - though tbf I'm less familiar with MacOS). This isn't an ON1 issue - this is an "almost every photo app company" issue. But as one of the peasants without Adobe, I've spent more time than enough tracking down plugin files and adding them to plugin folders for various apps (including ON1 Photo Raw!), whilst trying to ensure they're shortcuts to the right folder so that when the publisher updates their plugin, your app sees the news version. All with zero advice/info from publishers on how to add plugins for any software OTHER than Adobe (a quick and simple thing for devs to do would be to add a set of shortcuts/aliases in a special folder and tell people to drag/copy those into the plugin folders of their various apps. ON1 and others let you have a second plugin folder you can quickly open from the app settings to do that)

    It's a nightmare for an experienced PC user. I can't see how any novice would ever figure it out. But one tip that makes life easier is to install a trial Adobe version of Lightroom/Photoshop/Elements. As long as you activate and use the trial version, I think it would leave the plugin folders in place when you delete the program (it did for me with Elements). Way back when I first started growing my photography skills, the presence of an unused Photoshop Elements meant I knew where there was a folder with all the plugins to point my new apps to. The pain only really started with a new PC where I didn't install Elements.

    A bit o/t - this isn't an ON1 thing. ON1 users who don't have Adobe apps are among the victims not the perpetrators. :D



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