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  • Rick Sammartino Community moderator

    Exported files are supposed to look the same as they did when in Edit. If you think something isn't working properly and have examples illustrating the problem, you can send that to On1 support and have them look into it.

  • Chay Wesley

    Yes, I'm having this problem.  When exporting to full quality jpg, with no resizing options selected, the resultant jpg seems to actually be sized larger than the original, which I suspect introduces the flat and lack of sharpness.  Following screenshot shows some night stars displayed on the right in ON1 at 100%, and the image on the left is the exported jpg displayed in Preview on MacOS, also zoomed to 100% (actual size).  I've no idea why the exported jpg is so much dimmensionally larger than the view in ON1.  I've also included a screeenshot of the export settings below.

    ON1 2023 Patch 1, MacOS 12.5.1, Macbook Pro M1

  • David Kick

    Chay you cannot compare image size by how they look on the screen from one image viewer to the next. What are the actual image dimensions. In my examples below the original raw photo is 6720x4480 and the exported jpg is 6720x4480 exactly the same as the original raw file. If you look at these dimensions and they are different without a crop and without resize then indeed something is amiss but how the look in different image viewers is not indicative of image dimensions.

  • Ann Coates

    Clay, what you have described is the exact problem I was having where the exported image seemed to be bigger than the original and was flat and lacking in sharpness.   I think I have resolved my issue, albeit an expensive way.   I have bought a new computer and it is a bit of a beast and I seem to be having no issues now.   My old computer was 7 years old and just  had the bare minimum to run 2023.   


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