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PR still running after closing



  • Volker Gottwald

    I've seen this too, also with older versions, but only a few times compared to how often I close ON1.

    I don't think there is a workaround. If and when this happens, I go to task manager and kill the on1 process still running. It may be a bug and dependent on what you did in ON1 before closing. 

  • Marc S.

    thank you volker,
    you're right, it doesn't always happen. i'll keep an eye on what i've done with PR before and when it happens. at least now i know i can kill the process myself and restart afterwards.

  • Brian Lawson Community moderator

    It is probably the process that disconnects the program from the various servers and cloud services. I used to see that a lot in 2022 and it was always safe to kill the process without harm. Apparently that is the last thing the program does before shutting itself down so all our user data is already saved. I haven't see it since moving to 2023 but being a random type of occurrence it could still be a problem.

  • Ray Miles

    I have experienced it once or twice with v2023. Also, if I leave On1 running overnight even though it's doing nothing, it can crash.I have sent logs to Support about this.


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