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ON1 2023 crashes



  • David Kick

    Unfortunately it is your PC. Even though your video card does meet the posted minimum specs to run PR 2023 it will not run well with a card that only has 2GB Vram. 

  • david stock

    Thanks for your reply ..

    I already suspected that because I uninstalled 2023 upgrade and reinstalled 2022 and Perfect Eraser worked again … slowly but it worked. 
    if the video card is the problem then maybe ON1 should’ve made this apparent and I would’ve saved some money on the upgrade  …🥴🥴

  • David Kick

    I do not disagree with you. I do not understand why On1 keeps listing 2GB Vram as a minimum spec at least on Windows machines. Can't speak to Mac OS since I have zero experience with that. I guess they must think if you can do some very basic edits with 2GB cards that is good enough --- who knows. You might try asking for a refund.


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