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Transform and lens correction



  • Keith Neff

    I second the motion.  I borrowed a Sony RX-100 for a recent trip and found myself using the rear LCD rather than the viewfinder which resulted in almost every shot being slightly off level and using transform a lot.  Seems to me if you are clicking on transform to show it, might as well turn it on as well.

    Maybe 2023.5

  • Rick Sammartino Community moderator

    Gary, if the major concern is that you have to turn Transform on constantly then make a default preset to apply to your photos that has Transform already turned on. You can apply that automatically to every photo during import or just apply it to the photos that you want to work with. I have a default preset that adds the filters and settings that I commonly use. They are all added at once, but OFF when applied and I only turn them on if I need them.

    Keith, using transform to level photos works ok, but that is typically done in the CROP tool. Using CROP might be quicker, give that a try.


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