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NAS folder disappears from Cataloged Folders in ON1 PR 2023



  • Rick Sammartino Community moderator

    At least it comes back when you restart. As for why it's disappearing, you'd have to ask On1 tech support about it.

  • Andrea Suatoni

    Thanks Rick, I have opened a support ticket for it.

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  • Andrea Suatoni

    I see. In my case, however, I am not using mapped drives, I have the NAS configured as a UNC path (\\hostname\share\...). Have you tried? As well, I am not forced to run the application as an administrator.

  • Nathan Vear

    Hello - curious. Moving over to using the UNC path, my NAS files are "sticky now". Thank you for the contribution.

    I have also experience the issue you are - that the catalogued NAS entry disappears. Only once so far, but I am seeing a repeat your issue. 

    Maybe two is a coincidence, but there does seem to be a NAS-related issue then?

  • Andrea Suatoni

    Let me bump this thread again.

    And so I bit the bullet and decided to upgrade PR 2023.5 to PR 2024, with the hope that the new, much-vaunted GUI would also finally fix this bug.

    Wrong move: in a year ON1 has not been able to fix the bug, already reported, of the disappearance of UNC paths from the cataloged list. They are there on the program startup, but they vanishes after a while the application is running, and while the application is idling in the background.

    Maybe ON1 is too busy bombarding my mailbox daily with continuous purchase/upgrade offers, and that's why such an annoying bug is still alive and well.

    I have to put a post-it on my desk to remember for the next year: don't buy any more upgrades :(

    Edit: I'd forgotten to add the screen snapshots.

  • Rick Sammartino Community moderator

    Maybe it disappeared because it doesn't have a letter assigned to it. Why don't you map it to a letter and see what happens.

  • Andrea Suatoni

    First of all, thanks for your answer.

    However, why should I map a letter, when everything else is working as expected without having to do it? Go figure, even PR is able to work with it, it's just that after a while it removes the UNC from the catalogs list (and yet, while it has removed it, it is scanning that same network drive to generate keywords).

    Drive letters are a relic from the MS-DOS past, mapped drives are from NetBIOS times, matter of fact I've stopped using them since a decade or even more. It's 2024, and I think it's the right time ON1 fixes this bug once for all. Workarounds on lazy programming are not the cure.

  • Greg Schumacher

    I had this issue as well and for me the fix was to disable windows from reducing the power on the network card to save energy.  Depending on the connectivity, ethernet or Wi-Fi, the advanced card settings may need to be set not to go to sleep as well.  In addition, I changed the timeout setting on the NAS so it would not go to sleep too quickly.

    What I discovered was Windows was reducing power and when the NAS went to sleep the connection was lost within On1.  On1 does not send hello packets to wake up the NAS like Windows does when reconnecting to the drive.  Using the process above resolved other applications having the same issue as most applications depend on the operating system to determine network connectivity.

    Maybe this will help resolve your issue.  Good luck.

  • Andrea Suatoni

    Greg, thank you very much for your input.

    Unfortunately, it doesn't apply here. Just to give you some more data:

    • NAS is always on, no sleep states, no drives spinning down (they are SSD).
    • NAS is continuously accessed by other processes on the same host where PR is running, as well as from a bunch of other hosts on my network.
    • Windows Explorer never loses access to NAS. It is running on a desktop PC with Intel NIC, with no power-saving features enabled.
    • When the issue happens, ironically PR IS STILL accessing the disappeared catalog source in the background. For instance, having upgraded from PR 2023.5 to 2024, PR started a rebuild of the AI keyword database which lasted many, many hours (it had more than 12,000 pictures to deal with). I left the application running in the background and switched to another application, but from time to time I checked the progress of AI keywords buildup. Well, the UNC path entry disappeared from the catalog, however PR was still ingesting the pictures from the NAS and, moreover, since I had already one of the NAS folders opened on the PR browser, I could still move among the pictures stored there. And yet, the UNC entry was gone from the catalog. Stop the program, restart it and the UNC path is back in the list (for a while).
    • Not that it matters too much in this case, however my job includes NAS management.

    I fully understand that everybody try to find a workaround to fix his/her own issue, but please do not consider it the normality: it is still a kludge for an unfixed bug. I've never seen in decades a software on Windows that requires the user to play with advanced NIC settings to circumvent its limitations. SMB (CIFS) is not stateless, is TCP based and once the connection is established, you don't expect the server to vanish like gas in the air (unless there is a network/server failure).

    The sore fact is that ON1 in a year has done absolutely nothing to even try to fix the bug.

    Edit: typos.

  • Andrea Suatoni

    Addenda: I have also opened a new support case with ON1, let's see.

  • Andrea Suatoni

    And so I've got an answer from ON1 about my support ticket, and I don't like it:

    Our dev team has indicated the Browse does not fully supprt UNC paths and this is a current diesng limitation with no changes planned for the future.
    They recommend creating a network location a mapped drive in Windows instead. 

    That is: end of the road.

    I replied that I do not agree with their vision, especially when the bug is a matter of visual appearance, not that you cannot use UNC paths (it is regularly cataloged like any other path), but I fully understand it's their product and ON1 is entitled to manage it the way they like.

    It just doesn't match mine, and coupled with the fact it has other long-standing unresolved issues (exiting from the application sometime doesn't exit, while gobbling ridiculous amount of CPU time doing nothing, the fact that it's almost 2024 and they still don't offer proper face recognition, and so on), it means that ON1 PR 2024 will be the last version I have purchased, and I'll look elsewhere for the future.

    Thanks to everyone who contributed to this thread.

    Edit: For the record, I have realized just now that in this thread the screen snapshots were displaying the Browse tab. The visual bug impacts mainly the Cataloged Folders tab, which normally shows the UNC path (and the path is NEVER removed from the catalog, per se: only visually, until app restart).


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