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Mac mini 2018, ON1 and use of eGPU




  • Brian Lawson Community moderator

    There have been posts here in the past about using an eGPU that you might want to check out.

  • John Kinchin

    Have looked through those as well as consulting my tame Apple engineer in France. He suggested going into the apps folder, highlighting the ON1 app, CMD-I and forcing the app to default to eGPU. This stops ON1 2023 doing anything. I get the outer ON1 window frame and nothing inside. 
    This trick seems to work for a number of graphics/video apps but not ON1.

    Have raised a ticket with ON1 as you would think that it would use a graphics accelerator.

  • John Kinchin

    Reply from ON1

    We' have an open  bug ticket for this issue... unfortunately do not have any immediate fixes or solutions.
    We've linked your support ticket to our open bug ticket and will keep you posted with any updates as they become available.”


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