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New Release Version 2023 ( — 24 October 2022 is Unbearable on Windows



  • Brian Lawson Community moderator


    Hi Louis, you didn't tell us about your system specs so we have no way of knowing if your system can run Photo RAW 2023 effectively. There are a whole bunch of threads on these forums where people discuss the issues you describe and the solutions they have found. You might want to check them out.

    Also, you should know that you are not talking to the company here. We are just other users like yourself who are trying to help. If you did not keep the installer for 2022 and you have removed it from your system and cannot restore it from your backups then you can download it from your account page on the main site. Sign in to your account and go to the Products page to find the latest installers for every version you've purchased.


  • Tomas Barton

    Totally agree, ON1 2023 is not worth upgrading to. The main issues for me were:

    • When rejecting a photo (with applied filters), the next selected photo jumps to the first photo in the folder
    • Frequently not responding
    • In Edit mode a photo isn't rendered until AI mask is generated which takes about 7 seconds on my machine. Thus the photo editing workflow is unbearably slow.

    I'm sticking with ON1 2022 for now.

  • David Hyre

    The second update 17.02 plus the recently-released nVidia drivers solved things for me. See if that helps and report back.

  • Luis Pinto

    Yes it did, thankfully! 

    Thanks for your feedback


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