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Windows Graphics Card upgrade advice



  • Rick Sammartino Community moderator

    I have the RTX3060 and it works great. I wanted the 12 gig to avoid problems and swapping ram when doing multiple layers. If you intend to do layers, you might consider that. Also, every new version seems to have an increasing demand on hardware, I expect 12 gig to still be plenty of RAM even years from now.

  • Caroline Picking

    Yeah, I use ON1 to the max, so it very often involves layers. And masks - lots of masks. And local adjustments. :) That's why I was thinking that 12gb could be more "valuable" than an extra 15% speed. (My existing card gets a bit 'chuggy' at times, 6gb)

  • Sam Migliori

    Hi Caroline,

    If you upgrade your video card would you consider giving us your feedback on it?  I think it's interesting to hear from users that really push the software and hardware.  I presently run the 2060 6gb card, so I'm really hoping you give the "thumbs up".

  • David Richardson

    Hi, I've just ordered a new PC to replace a 10 year old one. I'm hoping to see a significant improvement in performance. Going from a 4GB 1650 card to a RTX 3060 12GB card and i5 3570K to an i7 13700K. My CPU just sat at 100% and program not responding far to many times so was getting increasingly frustrated. I did find 2023 a bit faster than 2022 however. Just need to wait a couple of weeks for delivery! 

  • Caroline Picking

    Happy to, Sam. I'm monitoring prices at the moment, and hanging on for the Black Friday sales with crossed fingers!



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