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Struggling with Advanced Search



  • Rick Sammartino Community moderator

    That looks correct to me. Are you sure that you actually have photos with both keywords?

    What I did to test this, is to do a single keyword search and see what other keywords were assigned in the results. Then add one of those other keywords to see if that same image would come up. It all works as I expected it to.

    You could try changing 'IS' to 'Contains', but I don't think it should matter.

  • Ray Miles

    How totally stupid of me; and thanks for jogging my tired old brain! I had assumed I'd keyworded myself everywhere, but I hadn't done so for those Kyoto images. This time what I did before worked perfectly. Since, pre-DAM days, I always used to put my name on the file itself, I was also able to search for all those and then add myself into the keywords on any others I might have missed. 


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