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Ai select on everything



  • Gilles Subias

    For me it's just an unuseful tool, too many adjustments needed after AI, my brain works better than AI.

    All the videos/tutorials/announcements webinars are just like advertising purpose.

    But ON1 PR is still my favorite photo software, hope the company make me more satisfied next months.

    Just get a mail for new video explaining all the things I don't understand, I guess those 2 guys are paid  as "influencer", hope I'm wrong ;-))

  • Keith Neff

    Desmond, I thought the same thing when I first started using it, the demos made it look like magic of course we don't believe in magic so it isn't.  What I am finding though is that I am using it more and more to get me 50%-60% of the way there.  Yes sometimes it is totally useless but you still have Quick Mask AI which can be an impressive tool at times.

  • Brian Lawson Community moderator

    There are improvements coming to the AI masking. It just needs better training like the Sky Swap did at first.

    Hudson and Rick are far more than just influencers. They used to run a monthly critique. Hudson has been producing training videos for years check out his YouTube channel.


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