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  • David Hyre

    I've updated to 526.98 and the second update to ON1 2023 (17.02), and AI Masking looks FAR better and has worked as expected so far, approaching the game-changing fast-workflow promised in the sales & demo videos. As a long-time pre-RAW semi-local fanboy I'm sorry ON1 didn't hit this functionality at release, I know it turned one friend off instantly, now I have to beg them to forget and try again because I *know* this is exactly what they need in their life! 1 month to fix isn't horrible, it just seems that way in today's tech world. Perhaps next time ON1 can call the new one "release candidate" or "gamma" for existing customers who have the old one to fall back on, and broadly release the 1st or 2nd update when things seem smoother and tested in the wild.


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