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Latest (17th Nov) PR 2023 not reading 2022 edits then overwriting them



  • Martin Evans

    Ok, I've looked at this a bit more and I'm pretty worried about the results. I took a copy of the original directory (from a backup before 2023 even saw it but deleted a lot of files as there was over 200) and simply pointed PR 2023 at it.

    • every .on1 was updated to version 2023
    • so images that had not been edited and had no .on1 file had an on1 added
    • some images which had been edited substantially had the .on1 file overwritten and all edits were lost

    Note, I never edited anything, I simply browsed to the folder in 2023.

  • Brian Lawson Community moderator

    so images that had not been edited and had no .on1 file had an on1 added This is because of the new Keywords AI. The sidecars were created to hold those AI generated keywords.

    Your 2022 edits should have been retained in 2023. The only time I've seen anything like what you've described is when I've gone back and forth between 2022 and 2023 and back to 2022 again and so on. Once the edits are in the internal database those are what the program uses. 2022 and 2023 each have their own database. You can force it to reread the .on1 sidecar information to update the database by copying the photo with the edits you want outside of Photo RAW to a location the program doesn't monitor, delete the problem file, then move the copy back into place. Deleting the file will clear the edits info from the database. Moving the copy back into place updates the database with the desired editing info.

  • Martin Evans

    Thanks for your response Brian. Just a few clarifications:

    • I don't catalogue any folders - so I don't know why keyword AI would create on1 files
    • each time I've started again to see what was happening I have copied files from my backup into a folder which has never existed before and 2023 cannot have seen
    • my original directory has never been touched/seen by 2023 until I start the test
    • when you first open the folder in browse it briefly shows the raw image I pictured in the first post without the people in the background then it changes to an unedited image. If you go into edit all edits are lost. I've no idea why it picks on this image as some other images retain their edits
    • I tried turning off keyword AI on catalogues folder (even though I don't have a catalogue) and it still creates an on1 file for every file that doesn't have one
    • every existing on1 file is updated to a version of 2023 simply by browsing (no editing)
    • one file with a lot of edits actually continues to keep the edits in 2023

    For me, this makes 2023 a non starter as I cannot afford hours of editing to be lost and the behavior seems erratic at the moment so there is no way to avoid it. 

  • Brian Lawson Community moderator

    The Keyword AI doesn't care if you use Catalogs or not. It will still evaluate any images you browse through and come up with what it thinks are appropriate keywords which then get put into an .on1 sidecar. If one does not already exist for that image it gets created. It's just how the program works. At least for now. If enough people complain it might get changed.

    When you first open the image it displays whatever preview it already has for that photo. If it then decides new edits need to be applied (removing old ones in this case) it updates the preview to match.

    You need to report the missing edits to tech support. I cannot help with that. All I can do is explain how the program is currently working (right or wrong) according to my best understanding of it.

  • Martin Evans

    I managed to find another (older) backup of this folder and I now have to admit that it is possible that I did browse this folder with a previous trail of 2023 and then edited images with 2022 after that. I cannot be certain but it is a possibility.

    For now even browsing folder with 2023 where there are edits from 2022 seems to be very dangerous possibly causing loss of edits so I'll report this and avoid 2023 for now. TBH, even though super select has been improved I'm not finding it that good and the new AI modules are not worth the upgrade for me.


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