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Thanks, ON1



  • Keith Neff

    I will second your thanks!  Thought there would be more discussion on this forum about the update but it doesn't seem like a very active forum.

    I went back and worked on some pictures that I recently did and can verify that the new AI masking is improved.  The previous version would sometimes completely miss small items.  Oh and for some reason my laptop seems to be running much cooler after the update. 

  • Sam Migliori

    On1 and especially the knowledgable On1 Community forum members are the reason I'm able to use 2023.

    After the initial 30 minutes with 23 I figured it was time for some new hardware or just keep using 2022.

    So I'm in total agreement that every update is a plus.

    Caroline, here's to many happy memories and shutter clicks with the new X-T5.

  • John McAtee

    I have to agree with these positive statements.  Installed 2023 without a hitch or glitch and it has been my "go to" editor ever since.  Support has been excellent from both On1 and the community.  The On1 team put out a great product that exceeded my expectations.

  • Andrew Jones

    I'd like to add my positive vote.

    ON1 2023 installed without a hitch and runs smoothly. I have had none of the problems that that some users have experienced.

    That said, I found a graphics card upgrade speeded things up but I'm still using a cheap card (GTX 1060 6GB - £130 on eBay and I sold the previous for almost as much) and AI Masking is not perfect, but it is close enough to be easily tidied up.


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