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Sidecar files for unedited jpegs



  • Volker Gottwald

    I disabled "Scan Cataloged Folders with Keyword AI" in Preferences and don't have the sidecras created for all files even when they are not edited. 

    And I don't use AI keywords at all.


  • Kelsey Petterson

    Thanks Volker, I'll give that a go. Guess I'll also submit a feature request, so that you can skip certain file types for sidecars. I'm not using the keyword AI at the moment, but would like to in future.

  • Kelsey Petterson

    Just commenting that I found that someone has requested a change similar to what I'd want -

    It's been declined, so it looks like Volker's solution is the only one that will work for now. I've asked a question if they can consider an alternative, e.g. sidecars for raw files only.

  • Martin Evans

    Volker's solution does not work for me. I don't even use catalogues and yet as soon as I browse a folder with 2023 it creates on1 file for all raw files and updates existing on1 files to version 2023. The latter fact is a real bummer for me as I was using a trial and decided not to upgrade. I thought as long as I didn't edit a file I'd be ok but that is not the case.

  • Brian Lawson Community moderator

    I thought as long as I didn't edit a file I'd be ok but that is not the case. Why is that not the case? If you have not made any edits, and even if you have, you can still return to 2022 and continue to edit your photos. The warning message only means that any edits using new 2023 features won't be seen when you go back to 2022.


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