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Moving from ON1 to Lightroom/Photoshop



  • Sam Migliori

    I hear ya Dave.  Win10 user here and a newbie at that, but I only have so much time to work on my hobby.  This morning for no apparent reason 23 shut itself down while performing a photo export and that was it, game over.  So the hour that I managed to squeeze in for editing became a mission to get the program running again.  And the worst part of it all is that I LOVE the software!  I really don't want to make the move to another program as I am extremely green when it comes to editing software.  

    That being said, are you familiar with LR?  Is it something I should consider because at this point I'm seriously frustrated.  It's kinda funny that when I open 2022 now I find myself saying a quick prayer to let me finish.

    Definitely more religious since being a On1 user.

  • David Price

    It’s a tough one… like you I really do like ON1 it’s got a lot going for it and it fits my way of editing. I’m just an amateur and don’t use advanced edit techniques.

    That said the sluggish performance is annoying. I migrated from PS to ON1 3-4 years ago, I didn’t use LR much at all and I guess both have moved on a lot since. I found PS more manual in its approach rather than the filter based approach of on1 so I’d guess there’s more of a learning curve with Adobe so there’s a time cost there. Adobe ran better and was more stable although I don’t find on1 unstable as such, it’s only rarely crashed on me. I did find on1 better on the MacOS platform than Windows. ON1 support is way way better than Adobe. ON1 win by a mile in terms of support.

    At the moment I’m staying with on1, I think with Adobe you’re committed to a years sub at a time.

  • Paul B.

    I'm only six months into the switch but editing wise I can't imagine switching back even if my workflow memory still keeps me wanting to do things the old way.  Lightroom has significant performance issues when using the healing brush as well, all those non-destructive pixel copies eat a ton of memory no matter what app is doing it.  Lightroom does have significant performance advantages with DAM, mostly due to better control over what's included and not constantly accessing tens of thousands of individual files.  

    Lightroom will import any EXIF data you have ON1 save to XMP so you can go back and forth on that front but keep in mind Adobe's subscription model will hold all of your work hostage the day your subscription lapses.  All my snapshots for crops, B&W, client compares, etc are all locked up and inaccessible unless I pay adobe to rent them back.  Oh and the required CC manager and all the other adobe bloat is absolute spy/adware.

  • David Price

    Paul, thanks for your comments. Mainly for other reasons I’ve done a wipe/reinstall on my iMac. Getting ON1 to work again was a big of a faff, initially it crashed on launching but have now solved that so up and running again.

    Interesting comments on implications of stuff not available if Adobe sub is cancelled, also nog wild about effectively being committed for s year. Sticking with ON1 it’s not perfect (well nothing is & never will be) but it’s got s log going for it & despite recent moans & groans I do like it.


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