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ON1 2023 quits when trying to open folder




    Sam, I am with you.  I purchased PR2023 to save screen time and avoid the slow bleed of Adobe subscriptions but I seem to spend much more time troubleshooting than editing or managing my image files.  It's very frustrating when the program randomly stops responding or completely crashes.  I can only imagine how overwhelmed the technical support staff is right now.  I feel like I am playing "whack-a-mole" when I would really like to develop expertise with the application.  Talk about WHINY! :-)

  • Roger Severn

    I am using Windows 10 fyi.

  • Rick Sammartino Community moderator

    You can try some of these tips.

  • Roger Severn

    Thanks Rick. Deleting the settings file did the trick.

  • Sam Migliori

    I'm having the same issue now and it started this morning while trying to export a photo.  During the export it just shut down and that was it, done.

    The program has been running perfectly since Rick provided his tips.

    This is really frustrating because nothing has changed on the pc.  No driver updates, windows updates or new programs installed.  

    I performed all of the suggestions as per Rick's link and it behaves exactly the same way as before the clean reinstall.

    I know I'm just a hobbiest and I don't mean to sound whiny but I only have so much time in my day to work on my hobby.  Uninstalling, reinstalling, reconfiguring is quite frankly time consuming.  Then posting to this forum and taking someone else away from what they need to do in hopes they can help me. 

    When I get home this evening I won't work on my photos, instead I will contact On1 and ask for help.  I'm thinking it might be time to give LR a try, not because it's better as I really dig PhotoRaw, but maybe it's a little more stable in the Win10 enviroment?  Any input on this is seriously welcome.

    I know....... still sounds whiny



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