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No Noise and Tack sharp



  • Rick Sammartino Community moderator

    My thoughts are that neither ON1 nor Topaz is better than the other. I find that sometimes On1 works better for a given image and sometimes it's Topaz. I've seen artifacts in both. Lately, I only use Topaz when On1 doesn't get it right, but I always try On1 first since it's right there and quick to try.

    I don't see as many artifacts as you're implying, but then I'm not a pro selling images, so I don't go overboard to examine the results, if it looks good at first glance, I'm OK with it.

    Bottom line is that I feel NoNoise and Tack sharp generally work well enough for my needs, but I'll keep Topaz around as a backup.

  • Steven Kurzrok

    I am finding that I am seeing oversharpening artifact ( and lots of it)  with beards/grass/ hair and even wavelets in water shots - not seeing the same with Topaz. Have not been able to use Both much and can often get away with using just NoNoise. High res model in Tack sharp sometimes helps.



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