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Color Temperature no longer available in Kelvin?



  • Rick Sammartino Community moderator

    Why are you checking release notes and forums when it's the user guide that would have the info.

    Page 125 says...

    You will only see Kelvin available when you open RAW files.

    * That would be SUPPORTED Raw files. If the program doesn't recognize your file, then it uses the Tier 2 engine and you won't see Kelvin.

    If your file is RAW and not jpg, tiff etc, and you think you should be seeing kelvin, then try the Delete settings in this article...

  • Deborah Freeman

    I guess I am too used to never finding what I am looking for in the user guide...

    I am opening a supported RAW file from a Nikon D750, and I am not seeing Kelvin at all.  I'll take a look at the Delete Settings note for assistance.

  • Deborah Freeman

    Tried Delete Settings, to no effect.  I'll contact Support and see what they say.

  • Brian Lawson Community moderator

    Where are you looking for the Kelvin switch? It is only in the Develop panel's Tone & Color pane.


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