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Still having Tack Sharp AI issues with GeForce RTX 2060 Super graphics card



  • Caroline Picking

    I've honestly just about given up on Tack Sharp. It almost always seems to make things worse with any 'scape type of photo (usually landscapes for me), even turned right down. That reduces all the weirdness but then doesn't leave any noticeable improvement. I've found it works great on some things - a frosty leaf was much improved. And, because of that, I assume it's Tack Sharp being a disappointment (first iteration, anyway) rather than my nVidia graphics card*. Likewise, sometimes the AI masking is good and sometimes it's terrible - but out of curiosity (and irritation!) I took one such terrible one and chucked it into Luminar Neo, with very nearly identical (bad) results. I think it's just a limitation in what the AI can figure out. Don't have Adobe, so I can't compare.

    (*I'm a bit of a fan of Topaz Photo AI at the moment)

  • Frank Biganski

    Yeah, it's sad that On1 hasn't followed up with those who contacted them with problems. Even after updating their software along with the NVidia drivers, silence. I basically gave them $90 to be their beta tester.

    I've known of Topaz for years, but I just never got around to trying their software. My workflow worked pretty well with Lightroom, then Photoshop, then sharpening in the old version of On1.

    So I decided to download the trial version of Topaz Photo AI and I am completely blown away! I have a nighttime image that I corrected in Photoshop, adjusting the sharpness and then luminance a bit to get a pretty decent image. Then I imported the image into the trial version of Topaz Photo AI and straight away, the image was beautifully sharpened perfectly!

    Thanks for mentioning Topaz Caroline! I'm going to treat myself to an early Christmas present!

    ~ Frank


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