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NoNoise and Tack Sharp not very Intelligent?



  • Brian Lawson Community moderator

    The intelligence comes in identifying where the noise is. You shouldn't expect it to get "perfect results' right out of the gate. I just wrote this a minute ago on another topic here about this very thing.

    Most people expect far too much from an "AI". They seem to think it should produce "perfect" results immediately without any user intervention.

    A lot of folks have talked about using Topaz in place of ON1's products. All Topaz's AI products also have sliders to allow the user to fine tune what the AI comes up with for a starting point.

    Even smart cars that can drive themselves warn you to keep your hands on the wheel at all times.

  • David Tillett
    Great answers

    NoNoise has a preference setting that sets default level of noise reduction. I have that set to Medium and that seems to select wider range of settings depending on images. TackSharp really needs the same for deblurring.

  • Mark Bell-Williamson

    Thanks David. I have just set my preference to medium too. I'll see how much of a difference that makes.


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