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New Mac Studio Installation Need to Install Rosette




  • David Orlando

    I am running it on an M1 iMac and it shows up as a Universal (native) application.  Installed fine for me but I already had Rosetta 2 installed.  In looking at the system report just now I do see it also installed a "Remove ON1 Photo Raw 2023" app which is listed as Intel.  That is probably why the installer wants to see Rosetta installed, for the "remove" app.  No idea why the Remove app is not native.

  • Brian Lawson Community moderator

    Photo RAW is Apple Silicon native. It is the Installer itself that requires the use of Rosetta 2 to run. This has been discussed here in great detail if you care to search for the older topics.

  • Timothy Horne

    Brian, thank you for leaving that comment. I had been up since 4:20am and I had to stay up a little longer than I'm used to so I could play with the new Mac. I was going cross eyed by that point. I appreciate the quick link, I've been away from Apple for a while so getting my Apple terminology back going is taking a little bit of time.


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