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Trial of v23...


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  • Kye Wood

    Could you submit a bug report?

    And can you post the full exact specs of your configuration, In case it's something specific about your configuration that's tripping the program?

    Video card specs: make/model, vram, win driver version.

    CPU model, RAM and a link to download the file that chokes the program.

    ON1 can't fix what they can't reproduce. If you help them, you're actually helping yourself too. And us. Maybe someone else has already fixed the issue with a workaround.

    I'm using v23, latest build, and speed is not an issue anywhere in the program. I've only got a GTX1650 video card, 32gb ram and a late model i5 cpu. So, hardly cutting edge hardware - and no problems at all working on 100mb files with incredible results.


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