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The rendering of Nikon z6ii NEF in On1 Photo RAW 2023 (Mac and Windows) is soft and lacking colour, effecting all exports in On1 from NEF.


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  • Timothy DelSol

    I agree, and I don't have discerning eye.  I've been using ON1 since 2017, the RAW codec in ON1 has been noticeable lower quality compared to Nikon NX studio.  I don't even have to have side by side to see the difference.  I think the AI correction they added a few years ago is even worst.  

    What I do to get around this issue, I NX Studio as my primary for RAW processing, then ON1 just for the NX Studio jpeg output for filters and things NX Studio can't do.

    I wish ON1 was able to use the Nikon RAW codec.  ☹️

    Regard, Tim


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