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Lightroom Migration



  • Rick Sammartino Community moderator

    I've never done the migration myself. There are 5 articles in the library about it. You should check those out first.

  • David Orlando

    Thanks Rick.  I went ahead and ran the migration tool and don't seem to have had any problems.  Any photos that had edits in LR now have those edits (a facsimile of) in PR2023.  Some photos look remarkably close to how they were edited in LR, others don't look anything close.  But that is pretty much what I expected.  For any photos that had been edited in both programs, the ON1 edits were retained and the LR edits seem to have been ignored.

    The other thing it did was create a new catalog structure in PR2023 containing any folders from the SSD that I had not already cataloged.  I don't want that so just deleted it.  Folders I had already cataloged were not duplicated or effected other then adding the LR edits.

    It is still churning in the background and apparently will be for a while, I believe it is going through and applying the LR edits - until it is done most files have a "LR" tag in the lower corner and the LR edits get applied immediately when I browse or edit the individual file.

    Happy with the process so far.  Suddenly I'm a migration vet.


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