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Nikon Z7ii Tethering Issue


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  • Michael Narlock

    I’ve solved my own issue so I thought I’d post what I found in case anyone else has the same or similar issue.

    The bug that is causing disconnection in ON1 when tethering is the image quality setting. Any option that includes the "star" causes the disconnect when changing the camera's parameters via the ON1 interface. So going from NEF + JPEG fine* to NEF + JPEG fine results in proper functionality with on1 tethering. It seems any of the "star" settings cause the issue.

    It seems Capture One and LR don't have the issue. So maybe there's some sort of bug? I don't know. I'm just happy that it's now working.

    For what it's worth, I had to look up with the * setting even meant!

    Image quality options with a star (“”) use compression intended to ensure maximum quality; the size of the files varies with the scene. Options without a star use a type of compression designed to produce smaller files; files tend to be roughly the same size regardless of the scene recorded.


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