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terrible support system



  • Brian Lawson Community moderator

    How long ago did you try to contact them? It is the holiday season and they do have reduced hours. If it has been more than a week, send another message and ask him is going on. ON1 generally has pretty good support.

  • William Schiesl

    No ON1 does not have a good support systems for begginers. Andrey is correct. 

    The support is terrible. I am a beginner with ON1 and have been struggling with with this program.

    They have training videos but they seem to assume you know basics of the software.

    Part of the problem is you can't actually talk to people. All you can do is send a written message and then wait for a written response. Not much help when your new and trying to learn how to use the software and you have lots of questions.

    I strongly recommend that you create a training program that starts with the very basics on each module and build from there, rather than just making a bunch of videos that than jump all over.

    Maybe set up a live on line training program where people sign in.

    William Schiesl



  • Brian Lawson Community moderator

    They do have videos as you describe that you have to pay for them. It’s part of the Plus membership.

    They also have an excellent user guide.

  • Brian Lawson Community moderator

    Anthony Morganti posted a video on his YouTube channel today in which he walks through editing a photo of a bird from beginning to end. I can't post the link as it causes my posts to be blocked. Just search for his name and you'll find it.

  • Richard Porter

    Richard ..  Yes and No,   I recently had a problem with PR 2023 it would crash when I tried to click on any of the effects panel options .  I had at the time only 1GB of Video ram   so the Response from support team was a blanket .. you have to have 2GB of video ram not supported  we will give you a refund if you like ...

    I bought a 2nd hand Video card with 8GB  and lo and behold I had the same problem so I  reinstalled PR 2022.5  and no problem  there so it wasn't my system ..  Sent a screen video and log file .. 
    Response was looks like it might be a GPU rendering issue do  a full manual clean install of ON1
    That fixed the problem  which was unrelated to the amount of video ram..

    I wrote back and thanked them for the solution,  and suggested that suggesting that option first might have been a better customer focused  attempt at a solution for an  ON1 Plus member  before using the default - 2GB Video ram  minimum

  • Rick Sammartino Community moderator

    Richard, the specs say you need 2gb ram minimum (although in my opinion, it should be 4gb) so your card didn't meet the spec and that needed to be rectified before anything else. A clean install may have solved a hidden problem, but Photo Raw still would not have worked properly until the RAM was dealt with.

  • Richard Porter

    If it were solely Video memory issue, then surely it wouldn't have worked from the beginning,  I installed when PR2023  was first released  - the problem only occurred recently .
    So I disagree, I first bought PR in 2019,  but I don't see any value in discussing it further.

    Thank you



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