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  • Brian Lawson Community moderator

    Unlike pixel editor programs, there are no changes to the actual image data in Photo RAW. It has an Editing Pipeline, explained in detail on page 74 of the User Guide, which renders your edits in a particular order. From the guide:

    1. The original, base image is always at the bottom of the stack.

    2. Since retouching—operations like removing dust spots, editing blemishes or skin imperfections—is often the first thing many photographers do to their images, Photo RAW applies these operations first. This way, all subsequent edits will incorporate these changes.

    3. Next are most settings applied in the Develop tab. This includes the application of color profiles, global exposure, color correction, sharpening and noise reduction (unless NoNoise AI and/or TackSharp AI is used, in which case those settings are applied to the base image).

    4. Local adjustments made to an image are applied next.

    5. Any Transform operations are applied after local adjustments.

    6. Edits made in the Portrait tab are applied next.

    7. Any filters applied in the Effects tab are applied last.

    8. Text layers sit above the image stack.

    9. Finally, any cropping or rotation information made to an image is applied to the file.

    Each Effect or Local Adjustment has its own layer stack. Then there is the ability to load multiple images into a Layered file. You actually have the Layers panel collapsed and are using only one. (I use upper case for Layers, and lower case for Effects/Local Adjustment stacks.) Layers also have their own masking for compositing the images.

    The multiple mask layers are still one actual layer which has masked an effect/filter. I don't understand what you are saying here. If the above hasn't cleared things up ask more detailed questions.

    I highly recommend you download and read through the User Guide. Learn how the program is designed to work. Watch the ON1 videos for beginners. Scott Davenport on YouTube has a complete series of videos on masking. I can't provide the link, sorry, it causes my post to get blocked for some reason.

  • Rory Cooper

    shot thanks Brian for the heads up, much appreciated.


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