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Export location data to KML for google map



  • Holger Danielsson

    This is not directly possible.

    But I wrote a small script that creates a GPX file with waypoints from the GPS data of all images in a folder, if one of the following conditions is met:

    • you have an additional Linux system :-)
    • or an MAC system
    • or a Windows system with Perl installed
    • or know someone who converts my Perl script into a Windows batch script

    Let me know, if you are interested.

  • Martin Evans

    Holger. I'd definitely be interested in seeing that script. Is it on github?

  • Rick Sammartino Community moderator

    Holger, your post is not visible to anyone. The system is blocking it, probably because of the links in it.

    You might want to get in touch with martin a different way where you can include your links.

  • Holger Danielsson

    Thanks for your info, Rick.

    But what is this for a bad forum software: no possibility for private messages, posts with links are blocked,...

    Sorry Martin, but you have to guess one of my websites. Perhaps a search with keywords 'magic squares danielsson' will help to contact me.


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