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moving from Mac Pro to Mac Mini + moving ON1 2021 to 2023



  • Rick Sammartino Community moderator

    Trying to move a catalog to a new PC is sketchy at best. It's far easier to simply build a new one on the new PC.

    You aren't going to be able to do that. The different directory structure is going to cause the Edits for the not found photos to be dumped and you have no .on1 files for backup or to rebuild the catalog from.

    While PR2023 has a Backup/Restore option, PR2021 does not so that's not an option either.

    I think you've got yourself in a very bad situation now. My first tip would be to turn on sidecars and make sure those are fully created before doing anything else. Once the sidecars are created, then COPY (don't move) your photos and their sidecars to the new pc and try building a new catalog from them. Don't delete or change anything on the old PC until you know the new one is working properly and all of your edits are intact.


  • Brian Lawson Community moderator

    Where are you photos currently stored? If they are on one of the non boot drives in your system you can move that drive to an external enclosure so your file structure doesn't change where they are concerned. You can then simply copy your Photo RAW user data to the new machine and everything should work. This is how I moved from a G5 to a MacBook Pro and from there to my current M1 mini.

    The user data is stored at ~/Library/Application Support/ON1/. Copy that entire folder to your boot drive on the new system in the same location.


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