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uninstall older verisons of ON1 software DOES NOT EXSIST. WHY NOT?



  • Carl Traub


    I've encountered several different uninstall problems as well.

    Like many aspects of PR, there is a lot of sloppy programming involved with the installer.

    One of the installers, maybe 2020 or 2021, didn't create an option to uninstall.  I contacted support, who asked a lot of questions, but never provided any useful input.

    On Windows , I've seen issues that appeared to be caused by the fact that the app allows itself to be installed 2 different ways.  ( I don't remember if the options are 'current user' , 'administrator', or 'all users'.)  After installing the initial release with one option , I apparently installed an update using the other option. (Why doesn't the installer remember this for us?  Sloppy development.)

    This resulted in 2 different install options in the Add/Remove Programs for Windows for the same year product, but only one installation of the app.  After uninstalling one of them, the other remained in the Add/Remove programs listing, and wouldn't uninstall because it couldn't find the application files.  ON1 provides no way to clean up this mess. (More sloppy programming.)

    I had to manually delete entries in the registry to get the other version to stop showing up in the OS tools.

    But even after performing proper uninstalls of other versions, there is definitely a lot of crap left behind. One of the biggest issues I have with with the app is how scattered the installed files are , and how little ON1 pays attention to them. The different cache folders are completely ignored during an uninstall, despite the fact that the app knows exactly where they are. This happens even when the folders are version specific.

    And the installer installs files into the normal Programs folder, and also asks the user where a second folder should be created (maybe the Apps\Data\ folder ?).  On update, the installer ignores the previous selection, and defaults to a different folder.  So it's very easy to end up with files for the same year version of the product to end up in different folders that On1 will never be able to find.

    I reported these problems with the 2020 version of the the product, and they still exist today

    Any decent QA department would flag these as serious problems, and management would deal with these problems. Why On1 refuses to address these and numerous other problems that continue to plague users for years is baffling.

    Yeah, they're a small company. A number of discussions have been posted recently about how they continue to add features and ignore the problems that have irked users for years. (Why can't they stop corrupting their own settings file????)  But you know what happens to any company that continues to ship bug-riddled products that current users can't recommend to their friends?

  • Russell Webb

    There used to be a tool provided by On1 that did the job, don't no if there is an up to date version?

  • Brian Lawson Community moderator

    From page 6 of the User Guide:

    On a Windows computer, go to Control Panels, and under Programs select Uninstall a program. In the list that comes up select ON1 Photo RAW 2023 and then click on the Uninstall button.

    If that isn't working then tech support needs to know so it can be fixed.

  • Carl Traub

    As both Art and I experienced, there was no entry to uninstall the version that I was trying to uninstall, despite the fact that it was still installed and working.

    As per my typical experience, tech support couldn't reproduce it.  I sent them screen shots of various system aspects (registry, file system, etc).  They didn't want to investigate anything on my system, and dropped the issue.

  • Brian Lawson Community moderator

    Did you simply ask them how to remove the software from your computer?

    Have you tried reinstalling the software and checking to see if the UnInstaller is there?

  • Vinny Giannino

    They had in the past provided an uninstaller as mentioned. Something to think about before uninstalling earlier versions of ON1 - they can be used as plugins depending on which version you have (pretty sure 2021 works as a plug in). But with that said if you really need an uninstaller because Windows isn't working try Revo uninstaller. In my limited experience it will get rid of every trace of a program. I just looked and it is showing me RAW 2021 and 2023 so hopefully it wouldn't delete everything RAW 20XX.

  • Lou Gross

    I have the usual uninstall options in the Windows settings (Apps and Features).  You can click on a program in the list and you will be given the option to uninstall it.  I have 3 versions of ON1 in my list (2 from 2021 and 1 from 2022).  As was suggested, earlier, it is smart to never uninstall and old version until I know the new version is working.  Even then I will keep the old version around a while because sometimes issues are not discovered for months or some function works better - the OLD way - even if there isn't a bug in the new operation of a feature.  

    I am not sure if those commenting on the lack of an uninstall option are using a Mac (though this section is specifically indicated as being for Windows) or for some reason there is an issue with the built-in Windows installed program list which normally allows for uninstalling software.



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