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Making selections



  • Martin de Jong

    Dan Harlacher of On1made a teaser of what is coming in the next couple of weeks. might be what you are looking for. 

  • Rick Sammartino Community moderator

    Rod, the features you're looking for are coming later in the month (see attached preview). Don't expect them to work the same way that Photoshop did. These features will only copy or move within the same layer.

    If you want to merge something on one photo with another, then in Photo Raw you would need to use layers. Mask out everything except what you want in a photo on the first layer and adjust the object over the other photo on a second layer. There are plenty of examples in the ON1 video library and YouTube.

    Martin: Sorry, your post is pending approval and no one is able to see it but moderators.

    Edit: Forgot to mention, you should have the user guide open for reference while learning.

  • Rick Sammartino Community moderator

    Note, the new 2023.1 ( update was released just this morning with the new copy/move features. 


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