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Why can't I see some images?



  • Rick Sammartino Community moderator

    If the file is valid (not corrupt and supported) then it's probably just that the browser hasn't updated it's thumbnails yet. If you click on it and select Refresh Preview from the menu, the preview should show up. If you just leave it, it should show up on it's own eventually.

    Sometimes there are some valid reasons if it never shows up. The file could be corrupt, not supported (as a greyscale image for example) or if the file is no longer where it's supposed to be.

    If after a while it's still not working and you think it should be, then you'll need to ask ON1 tech support about it.

  • David Richardson

    Hi Rick,

    Yes clicking on the image and using the refresh preview seems to be working. Its strange that it seems it happens to some files and not others even when they are taken as a burst at 10fps. I cataloged the folder as well but this still didn't make a difference.  Do you know off hand if you can select multiple files and then refresh preview? (yes you can)

    Many thanks for all you help.


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