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2023.1 update (17.0.13508) 50 times faster in many areas. WOW and WOW!



  • Ashley Goble

    Sadly it's not as good as you say. The present update has a bug and has problems loading presets, which it turn slows the whole thing right down and can sometimes freeze it.

    The update I'm told is being worked on.

  • Kye Wood

    That's so strange. I can't replicate that issue. And I've tried.

    Are you using the Mac version? I"m using WIndows 11. And I've used it heavily since the update - and I've found zero bugs.

    I'm sure like all software in existence, there are some bugs in there. But within the vast range of what I'm doing with it under Windows 11, it's faultless.

  • Ashley Goble

    Windows 10 but I've heard the same problem happens with Mac as well ( (2 threads on here somewhere). I was told by support an update to fix it will be done in the next few weeks. I hope its soon as it can be very painful at times using  it. The problem started within a day of the last update and at first I couldn't figure out what was causing it.

    My only fix at present it not to use presets. Which is not great seeing as I have a number which I've made and those are a quick way to apply my style of editing. 


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