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Deleting RAW+JPG together



  • Paul Speller

    I now see the behaviour in grid view is different to filmstrip view. In grid view selecting a RAW(+JPG) image and deleting, says 2 items are going to the trash. In filmstrip view the warning box only says 1 item, leaving the JPG behind. Why would the behaviours be different?

  • Brian Lawson Community moderator

    The behaviors are different because opening the Filmstrip turns the view into Photo View mode. In that mode only the currently viewed image will be deleted or have its ratings changed, etc. 

    However, you can right-click on a selected image in the Filmstrip and use the Delete command from the contextual menu and it will delete everything that is selected.

    All the questions you've asked this morning were asked and answered within the last month. Odds are that most questions asked about the general operation of the program have already been asked and answered. Try searching the forums before posting and you'll likely find the answer quicker than waiting for someone to respond to your post.


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