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2023.1 Plugin return to Lightroom Classic



  • Rick Sammartino Community moderator

    Considering that Photo Raw 2023 doesn't officially work as a plugin, there won't be any official answer for this. I don't use Lightroom myself so can't try it, but there is a video that might help.

    Give this a shot...

  • David Lin

    Thanks. I applied a similar technique from On1 RAW 2023 instead. I use On1 as the external editor as usual. When done with editing in On1, I export the image back. It has more choices this way. But thanks for pointing to that video as it gives me ideas. 

  • David Ayars

    I realize, @David Lin, you probably already know most/all of this, but just in case somebody else finds this thread later with the same issue or just wants to know how to use PhotoRaw 2023 from Lightroom without using an ON1 plug-in, I'm going to give more detail than you need.

    I can take a Raw file from Windows LrC > Photo (or right-click) > Edit In > ON1 PhotoRaw 2023, apply the changes I want there, then click the DONE button at the bottom-right (which I do still see in PhotoRaw 2023.1. If you don't see a "DONE" button at the bottom right, most likely, you either need to get into Edit mode, or if already there, you need to click a different "DONE" button somewhere else on the screen to get to see "DONE" on the bottom right--for example if you're in Retouch).

    When you click DONE on the bottom right, ON1 will by default offer to save the file as a PSD. You can click the File Type arrow and change it from PSD to a different file type if you prefer, and it then remembers that preference editing other images until you change it again. The ON1-edited file is saved back to the folder Lightroom sent it from. If you change the file type, you'll see the ON1-edited file in the sending folder if you open that with Explorer in Windows or Finder in MacOS, but you may not see the ON1-edited image in Lightroom until you Import it again, Adding it to your LrC catalog.

    This hasn't changed for me using ON1 PhotoRaw 2023.1 compared to PhotoRaw 2023.


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