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  • Brian Lawson Community moderator

    You're looking in the wrong place. You're looking at the free training videos while the Masking Masters Class has to be purchased. It is in the Store under the Education and Training section.

  • Russ Tomanek

    Thanks, Brian. 


    Let me make sure that I’ve got this right.  In addition to purchasing the software (both RAW and Effects Add-On’s) and subscribing to On1 Plus for an additional fee, On1 still wants to charge me an additional fee for this and other course (s)?  I thought that was the purpose of joining On1 Plus so all the additional training materials, such as this masters course, were included. 

  • Brian Lawson Community moderator

    This course was not produced by the company. It was made by Hudson Henry who is selling it through ON1's store. Plus courses produced by the company are free to Plus members.

  • Russ Tomanek

    Thanks again, Brian, that explains the rational for the additional cost.


    However, this is quite confusing since Hudson Henry also produces content for both On1 and On1 Plus which are included in the On1 Plus subscription and basic licenses and that Hudson Henry is using the URL to advertise and sell his product(s). 


    Perhaps On1 could make it clearer that Hudson Henry and others are independent contractors who produce content for BOTH On1 and themselves which they sell at an additional cost.  I would also suggest that On1 make it much clearer what is and what is NOT included in the On1 Plus subscription especially since the URL is being used to advertise and sell additional content similar to what is included content in On1 Plus subscription.  Right now I feel like the value of On1 Plus has been significantly diluted by allowing its content providers to charge additional fees for relevant content and to use the URL to advertise and sell their products.  Why should I continue to purchase On1 Plus when I’m also being asked to pay again for new content?

  • Arbie


    "I would also suggest that On1 make it much clearer what is and what is NOT included in the On1 Plus subscription ..."

    In both the Creative Library and in the On1 Store, content that is included with your On1 Plus subscription is clearly identified with an icon ....



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