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Noise reduction performance



  • Rick Sammartino Community moderator

    Can't correct your process without knowing what it is. You should have posted your settings as well. I tried just the one EnderNoiseTest-42.cr2 and compared to what we started with, the results look pretty good to me.

    I use both NoNoise and Topaz Denoise. I find that each has it's place and depending on the photo, either one could be better than the other.

    Bottom line, use whatever works best for that photo.

    Using these settings...

    Yes, the Nonoise standalone is the same as what's in Photo Raw.

  • Georgio

    Hi Rick thanks for the post.

    Can you post a 1:1 pixel area of your results (especially the darker areas). Or even better upload a full res someplace  ?

    Do you see the noise like in my pics ? Is there any possibility that different hardware behaves differently ? (A very real possibility with so many buggy GPU drivers/ acceleration libraries).

    My goal is to move away from a myriad utilities, and use only one (lazy/tired). ON1 seemed like a good choice.

    I will play a bit more and decide if ON1 is fit for my purpose. If the noise reduction improves over time I will be happy to wait.


  • Rick Sammartino Community moderator

    I didn't keep your files, sorry, I have nothing to send back.

    This is a screenshot of your post above...

    The left side may look smooth and clean, but to me it looks like all the detail has been removed by de-noising settings set too high. The right side does have texture in it, but it doesn't look like noise to me and to my eye it's preferable to have that texture even if it doesn't look perfectly natural due to the De-noising process. 


  • Vladislav Jurco

    Georgio - I agree completely. ON1 has arguably best detail retention performace comparing to Topaz or likes, but very dark tones in low light scenes are "not nice" to say it politely. It seems to me that it is the price we pay for details it can retain in other occasions. NoNoise is trying to pull-up details where there is literally nothing to keep at all. It lacks some kind of treshold when the software must give-up and instead of trying to keep at least some details rather nicely soft-blurr it. For this only reason I must sometimes switch to Topaz to clean up the things and eventually mask what I want from ON1 and what i do not want. Nevertheless you can try to minimize Enhancing the detail and Microcontrast when denoising, and lower down the shadows (or use less contrast in dark shadows) a bit. Artefacts will likely be less visible.


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